Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems

This is an amazing blog and even if you don’t have children in school – there are lessons we can all use in day to day life.
We all could use a refresher on these skills. Great article.

On Learning

As mentioned in my last post, we have a group on our staff who are learning about Ross Greene’s collaborative approach to deal with difficult behaviours.

If we believe KIDS DO WELL IF THEY CAN then we can rule out the age-old excuses for misbehaviour:patching problems

  • passive, permissive, inconsistent parenting
  • if the student tried harder he could do it
  • the student just wants attention
  • the student is being manipulative

We need to take rewards and consequences off the table.  They don’t (can’t ) work, because the behaviour is not a choice.  We believe that the preferable choice is to do well, so kids who are challenging are missing the required skills to well.  We wouldn’t use a pizza to reward a student who can’t read.

Would anyone ever consider the following?

Hey _______, I realize that you are decoding at a Grade 2 level, but our class is starting to read Harry Potter…

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