Welcome! Let The Journey Begin…

People blog for many different reasons.  For me, it is to share the journey I have been on to save the heart and soul of this good old girl.

I won’t lie – it is hard work but it is worth every second of it.  See I am one of those fortunate people who has an amazing husband, great job, fantastic friends and an incredible family.  Despite all that, by November 2014 the self-doubt and lack of confidence were taking a toll on my emotional well-being, my job and my life.  And boy was I sick of it.  So I made a change – it wasn’t a pill, it wasn’t some fad therapy.  No, it was good old sweat and tears.

So join me as I tell you my story and hopefully encourage you to embark on your own journey of reclaimation.

When I hit the wall in November 2014, I thought my emotional well-being and confidence were tanking because I was tired from working and doing homework all time.  That was partly the reason but only part.  The rest was because I wasn’t as strong as I had been.  Let’s face it I was still walking lots but I was also sitting on my duff all day a work and then most nights doing homework.  Again part of the story but not all of it.  The rest of it, I would only admit to myself after I started the first 6-month program with Jill.

I have said from the beginning this isn’t just an emotional journey – it is a journey to reclaim myself by getting rid of the “what ifs”, regaining my confidence and acknowledging I am okay with the hole in my heart.  Hole in my heart? you say –  well I remember the day it happened over 5 years ago now.

We were on the Sheet 4 of the Invermere Curling Club – partaking in that iconic Canadian winter tournament –  the annual ladies bonspiel.  Dad was coming to run the bar as he had for 20+ years – but he was late and mom was a bit frantic.  When the rink manager opened the door and called for us, I knew something was terribly wrong.  I just didn’t know how much it would change my life.

Now five years later, I am okay with hole in my heart.  It is smaller but it will always be there and that is okay – it is simply the place where Dad is.  But being okay with it means reclaiming me – which is what I am doing and what this journey is all about.  It is a work in progress – one where I am getting physically stronger, emotionally stronger and learning how dealing with the loss of my dad profoundly changed my life.

  daddio2 001

This is where my friend Jill Andrews, owner of Fitness for Life and A Beautiful you comes.  With one simple call everything changed for the better.  Our call went something like this:

“Hi Jill, its Tanis.  I was just on your Blog today and it resonated with me.  12 minute work outs, I can do that, I can find 12 minutes in a day. I want my body strong again because I think that is the only way my confidence will be good again  – right now it has tanked completely.  I am a disaster and I messing up at work.”

Her response was classic Jill.

“Are you freaking kidding me – you lack confidence – seriously.  We are so going to fix that but its not just the workouts you know, things you eat could also be adding to this feeling of low confidence.  We can fix this.”

So there is it was – no magic pill, no “oh poor Tanis”.  It was simply put – we are going to fix it and you are going to work your butt off to do it.  Let me tell you she wasn’t kidding.

This was the start of our first 6-month program – full of 12 minute fat blasting, muscle building workouts, meetings with Jill via phone, food challenges and more.  As this blog continues I will share this journey with you and hope you too will find a way to be a stronger, healthier happier you.  All I know for sure is by making your body stronger – your mind, heart and soul will follow.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to our next post.


Jill’s Program

You can find more information about Jill Andrews and her programs at www.jillandrews.caor on YouTube at Jill TV at the following https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuO-0kvmd2uRPTAUT8LSD2A


2 thoughts on “Welcome! Let The Journey Begin…

  1. Beautifully expressed…sometimes I find myself buried so deep in the chaos that is my life, it’s hard to even remember who I really am! Thanks for a fresh look!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Boy do I know how that feels. I will say starting the blog has definitely helped with some of that chaos. My life keeps taking interesting turns so I just keep trying to roll with it and remember who I am in it all.


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