Straight shooting…

Okay, this is raw and true.  Just finished a walk with my girls (border collie/healer crosses) and found myself begging for strength to get through the day.

Why? Because the self-doubt is back with a vengeance.  Yesterday was tough, wanted to run away from everything – but I didn’t.  Instead, I got home, watched a movie with my hubby.  I went to bed in a much better frame of mind.  This morning I let the mantra of you aren’t good enough, they are going to let you go blah, blah, blah take over.  Thus the begging for help to get through it.

Then the real me – the one that fights every day to come to the surface shouted “hey wait a minute, you are so much further along than you were when you arrived three years ago.  Everything happens for a reason – so what, you need to reduce your time – quit doubting yourself and you will!!!! Also, get off your butt and write these things down, get back blogging it is your therapy so do it – dammit!!!”

So I am – short and sweet but I got it down.  Now I am heading off to start my day with the I CAN DO THIS attitude.  I am capable.  My heart is smiling and the self-doubt has been pushed aside.  The battle is one step at a time.  Today the step is in the right direction.  Thanks for letting me share.

So, today put your best foot forward and remember you can do this – I believe in you.



4 thoughts on “Straight shooting…

  1. You CAN do this!

    As you said, everything happens for a reason. Some days are easier than others but you will get through this! You are strong and you are beautiful! I saw the change in you already the last time we got together. You are on the right path! Keep it up my friend! You are my hero!

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    1. Wow – right back at you my friend. Thank you for the amazing support. Nice to know you are in my corner. I am truly stronger because of friendships like yours!!


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