Inspiration – we all need a bit

I just finished watching this clip of Madi, a 17 year-old from High River, Alberta.  She is an avid Calgary Flames fan and has leukemia.  Instead of being negative, Madi states she decides to find the good in everything.  When talking about the leukemia she says the good in it is that she got to spend more time with her mom, family and got to meet Joe Colbome of the Calgary Flames.  The other amazing person in this story is Madi’s 12 year-old brother Ty, who sent the letter to the Calgary Flames that prompted the visit.  Seeing this kind of love for is his sister makes my heart smile and I simply needed to share this video.  Please click on the link below:

Take 5 minutes and watch the video, it shows how many truly inspirational people are around us – whether they are 17 year-old girls, 12 year-old boys or professional hockey players.

Thank you, this good old girl tips her hat to  you all.


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