WOW – Who knew?

Kim and I are both taking part in the 30 day challenge being offered by Jill Andrews, owner of Fitness 4 Life and A Beautiful You.  We are currently on Day 20!!!  It has been an amazing 20 days of fat blasting bliss, sweat and a sense of accomplishment.  But most importantly – Day 20 has been a complete inspiration.

After each day I do my best to comment on the workout and try to encourage everyone else in the challenge.  Well today I got this amazing message from a fellow challenger named Kim:

Tanis I don’t know you, but I wish I did!! I love your excitement and determination throughout every step

of the 30 day challenge. You are inspiring!!

Kim and I do not know each and no we have never met.  But I am dedicating this post to her as she has inspired me and made my day.  When I started this journey, my goal was to get stronger physically, emotionally and mentally while hopefully inspiring other along the way.  Well thanks to Kim I know I have inspired one person.  It is an amazing feeling and I hope one day I get the chance to meet her so we can share in each other’s successes – but until then I say thank you Kim for letting this Good Old Girl know that excitment and determination are appreciated.  You have made my day and have inspired me to keep going in my journey.  I will continue to share my experiences and my excitement for Jill’s programs.

You can find more information about Jill Andrews and her programs at www.jillandrews.caor on YouTube at Jill TV at the following

So to anyone and everyone out there – remember the first step is the hardest but it is so worth it.  Find that one thing that can help make you a stronger you.  For me it was 12 minutes of fat blasting with Jill Andrews – check her out  – it could be for you too.

Until next time and again thank you Kim for taking the time to let me know my words inspired you.



2 thoughts on “WOW – Who knew?

  1. Tanis, Jill forwarded on your blog to me. What a great post! Here is to wishing you a lifetime of more successes.9 more days of the challenge to go and a lifetime ahead of reaping the benefits of all of our changes. Keep up the awesome work! And thank you for sharing with the group how the challenge is going for you. You truly are inspiring!

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