Seriously Tanis…

Sometimes I can be dense as a post.  I know that is shocking to hear but oh my it is so true.  lol

As I continue along this journey to reclaim me, a comment my younger brother, Darcy, made the other day finally sunk in.  Perhaps I was finally hit with the proverbial 2×4.  My brother and I were discussing some pretty major changes that I have been considering in terms of continuing my education to obtain a designation that for my current job situation will not add any value.

I of course was lamenting about not finishing, leaving things undone, what sort of impression does that make, probably even said something ridiculous like what will people think.  And what does my younger brother say – “Tan who you are and how you value the person  you are has nothing to do with what you do for a living.”  Then driving home today it hit me – what I do for a living is not who I am.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and I work with amazing people – but what I do is such a small part of who I am.  People don’t measure me by what I do they measure me by who I am and the things I stand for – you know the important things – family, marriage, friends, being the best person I can possibly be and treating people as I would like to be treated.

OMG the lightbulb just went on.  Thanks Darcy for showing me the light – sorry it took a week to sink in.  But lets face it, you are my younger brother and I am your older, wiser sister.  Well at least I made you laugh!!

So do  yourself a favour, cut yourself some slack and remember your occupation is not a measure of who you are – it is simply a means to provide for your lifestyle.

Another monkey off my back – YEEEE frigging HAAAAW!!!!!

Have a great day everyone.


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