Disappointment and Opitmism

I just finished reading a post by a friend of my mine, Terri Kocher, on her blog Kocher’s Kreations.

In it she brings up a very interesting point about people amazing her – first with their criticism, lack of appreciation and overall disregard for someone else’s feelings.  Terri is a fellow creator – whether it be paper, metal, laughter or friendship.  She always has a smile and a quick comeback.  I love that about her.

Like me she makes Christmas cards each year and sends them out.  And like me, she gets fewer back each year.  She is disappointed to hear that more and more people don’t even bother to send cards – I get that but I have decided that doesn’t matter.  I love making Christmas cards, I love sending them and enjoy each one I do get in return.  I will continue to make them, send them and enjoy every minute of it.  So to my friend Terri and everyone else out there – don’t let others dictate your happiness, enjoyment, sense of self-worth or overall coolness.

Remember I said Terri brought up interesting points on her blog – well after the blog about people disappointing her, in true Terri style her very next post said wait a minute – I have amazing people in my life and I am so thankful for them as they are the people who matter.  That a girl Terri.

If there is one thing I have learned on this journey of reclaiming me – is we all need to remember how truly incredible we are.  So keep the doubters at bay, they probably are just a little in awe of you anyways, and remember people love you because you are an incredible nut who loves to send out handmade Christmas cards.

Oh wait that is me – but you get the picture.  Until next time my friends.



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