Goodbye my friend…

Yesterday was tough day.

A good friend of my mine lost her short but tough battle with cancer.  From the diagnosis in September, to surgery in October she was a rockstar.  Unfortunately she couldn’t beat the chemo.  I don’t understand it and it doesn’t seem fair – especially for her husband and daughters but sometimes that is how things go and I don’t have the power to change that.  The best I can for my friend and the family she left behind is be there for them, offer my help, my shoulder, my ear and a never ending pot of turkey soup.  Because while I cannot take away their pain, I can cook and hope my simple pot of soup fills their bellies and helps their hearts.  Because in the short time we have all know each other we have become good friends and thea is simply what friends do.

It wasn’t that long ago – 6 years on Feb 6th – I was that daughter watching my mom trying to understand why my dad was gone.  Trying to grasp just how our lives had changed forever.   But because of this insight, I can offer an understanding that maybe, just maybe might make these dark days a bit brighter.

And in time – a lot of time, it will get a bit easier.  Will they ever quit missing their wife and mother – not on your life.  But with time their hearts will start to heal and all the incredible things she did and the incredible woman she was will fill those empty spaces.

I miss you my friend but I am very glad your struggle and pain is done.



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